A Plan for the Unpredictable

We designed a mobile-first SaaS product that keeps the construction industry in the know about project-impacting weather events.

Screenshots of WeatherBuild mobile app user interfaces

No one can control the weather, but WeatherBuild offers the next best thing.

WeatherBuild came to Nonfiction with a vision for a product that combines hyper-local weather data and project schedules to give construction managers real-time, actionable insights.

Weather events can have serious ramifications for a construction project, so project managers must balance the need for worker safety with efficiency.

A photo of a person using the WeatherBuild mobile app user interface
Wireframes for a WeatherBuild mobile interface
A screenshot of a WeatherBuild mobile app user interface

Crucial insight and feedback before investing in software engineering.

WeatherBuild believed that a single source of information could replace the combination of free weather apps and printed project schedules that construction managers typically rely on. Our first step was to validate this assumption through research and prototyping. We developed user journeys, a prioritized feature set, and ultimately, an interactive prototype that provided a realistic simulation of each journey.

Our prototype was tested on target customers. Their feedback confirmed that the vision for the WeatherBuild mobile app had legs. Using the navigation and interface established in the prototype, we turned our focus to building a fully fleshed out product. We worked closely with the developers at WeatherBuild to launch an iOS app complemented by a web-based administrative experience (automated emails, PDF reports, and team management).

A photo of a person using the WeatherBuild mobile app user interface
A screenshot of a WeatherBuild web app user interface

Our design process validated WeatherBuild’s vision and achieved a successful launch.

Our design work with WeatherBuild helped them establish their earliest customer relationships which included industry-leading construction firms like Turner Construction, Gilbane, and Skanska.

Our ongoing relationship helped release new features, make usability improvements, and integrate new weather data sources.

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