A New Paradigm for Online Security

We designed end-to-end encrypted email and filesharing apps with the mission to provide digital security for everyone.

Screenshots of the PreVeil mobile app mail and account management user interfaces

PreVeil shared with us their vision of empowering businesses to protect their files and conversations from cyber-attack.

When our collaboration began, this vision was just that: a combination of academic research and passionate ambition. PreVeil knew that its proprietary approach had enormous potential for being a true industry disrupter. The company brought Nonfiction on board to ensure that the software functioned intuitively and beautifully.

A screenshot of a PreVeil Mail inbox web app user interface

Iteration After Iteration

Building a trailblazing email and document storage tool in a crowded market requires a deep understanding of how people go about their jobs. Working closely with PreVeil’s founders and engineers, we created detailed portraits of target users and their needs. We sketched and wireframed. We reviewed and revised.

Our designs and prototypes visualized the user experience, feature by feature, and were then tested with target users — a rigorous evaluation process that led to new, better ideas.

A screenshot of a PreVeil Drive web app user interface
A screenshot of a PreVeil account management mobile app user interface
A screenshot of a PreVeil Mac OS menubar app user interface

A comprehensive library of user interface components and visual styles.

Our design for PreVeil delivers a cohesive experience from installation through day-to-day usage. The framework has proven versatile enough to accommodate rollouts of new PreVeil products offerings for PCs, Macs, and smartphones. In fact, our work empowered the engineers at PreVeil to create new, production-quality features entirely on their own.

A screenshot of a PreVeil Drive web app user interface

We helped PreVeil grow from idea to market-ready software.

PreVeil’s end-to-end encrypted email, secure file-sharing, and enterprise administrative console are now available in beta on Mac OS, Windows, Android, and iOS. Sign up for your own free PreVeil account and join more than forty companies — including consulting firms, law firms, and financial — protecting their email communication and company files with PreVeil.

BostInno, with their finger on the pulse of the local tech industry, has called PreVeil a “a startup to watch,” while MIT Sloan nominated PreVeil as a finalist in their 2017 CIO Symposium Innovation Showcase.

A photo of a person using the PreVeil Drive mobile app user interface

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