Managing Building Management

We redesigned a SaaS platform that facilitates dialogue between building managers and their tenant’s employees.

A screenshot of a CrowdComfort work orders interface

CrowdComfort’s mobile app enables people to make building maintenance requests with the snap of a picture.

Nonfiction’s work with CrowdComfort focused on the redesign of CrowdManager, a web app that addresses the building management side of the manager/tenant relationship. The goal was to improve monitoring and prioritizing of maintenance requests for more efficient problem resolution.

We began by delving into the motivations, behaviors, needs, and concerns of property managers to generate user personas and performance-centric engineering requirements. Using low-fidelity tools like written user stories and sketched storyboards, we established a plan for UI features and flows.

A screenshot of a CrowdComfort calendar interface
A photo of a person using the CrowdManager web app user interface
A screenshot of a CrowdComfort date range interface

The redesigned user interface communicates status at-a-glance.

We approached the design in two-week cycles, story by story. Our canvas was a flexible layout system and our palette a collection of reusable UI components.

By thinking holistically, we assured a consistent experience across the whole of the product.

We organized weekly reviews across the CrowdComfort universe: salespeople, engineers, and product owners. The feedback we receive fueled revisions that expanded the functionality of the product.

A screenshot of a CrowdComfort schedule interface

We helped CrowdComfort launch a web app that met the needs of Fortune 1000 customers.

The CrowdManager app continues to be at the core of CrowdComfort’s SaaS platform. The improved usability and performance of the redesigned app contribute to the end-results of better two-way communication, faster issue resolution, and fewer complaints.

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