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We cut out the middle man and designed an experience to make buying professional liability insurance online easy and intuitive.

Screenshots of Cinch online quote user interfaces

No more relying on an insurance broker to find the right liability coverage at the right price.

Berkshire Hathaway Special Insurance (BHSI) had a vision: Cinch, an online experience that made purchasing insurance easy. A small, passionate team within BHSI spearheaded the enterprise.

The product team approached Nonfiction to design the online platform. BHSI knew it needed an experienced UX/UI design partner to bring Cinch to market in just six months — a task that required working closely with BHSI's business analysts, branding agency, and engineering group.

A screenshot of a Cinch online quote user interface
Wireframes for a Cinch mobile interface

A low-fi, iterative approach to defining Cinch’s architecture.

Our design process began with intensive information-gathering — an exploration of the needs of healthcare workers, the customers targeted for product launch. What we learned informed in-depth user personas that in turn helped the team prioritize a purposeful, realistic feature set for the initial launch.

We then created storyboards and wireframes to define site architecture and flows. We developed the look of Cinch in parallel, careful to balance usability with a friendly aesthetic that capitalized on the strengths of Twitter Bootstrap, the underlying framework.

A photo of a person browsing the Cinch website experience

Launching a product is only the beginning. Growth comes from evaluation and optimization.

We continue to collaborate with the Cinch team. We’ve conducted user interviews, reviewed sales and site analytics, and assessed service records. As our ongoing evaluation uncovers points of friction and confusion, we sync with the Agile development team to design solutions. Design evolution and optimization — and the creation of brand-new features — are all part of the continuous release cycle that enables Cinch to grow.

A screenshot of a Cinch account manager user interface
A screenshot of a Cinch online quote user interface

We helped Cinch launch their platform and sell new policies to thousands of professionals.

Our initial design work has provided a strong foundation for Cinch’s continued growth. User feedback describes the Cinch experience as “simple,” “seamless,” and “friendly” — an experience that lives up to its brand promise.

As Cinch continues their growth as a business, Nonfiction remains a go-to partner for UX/UI design.

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