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Testable Prototypes

Produce an interactive prototype to collect user feedback or pitch investors.

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Whether you're improving upon your existing app or pitching a brand new concept, you need to gather feedback to validate your ideas. We’ll create a high-fidelity interactive prototype for web or mobile, so you can get the valuable feedback you need to proceed with confidence.

Our Approach

Timeframe: 6 Weeks (average)

Phases: Discovery, UX Definition, Interface Design

Design Reviews: Weekly

  • Our process starts with a discovery phase to identify business goals and user requirements.
  • The prototype experience is then broken down into user stories and sketched into low-fi storyboards.
  • Interactive wireframes are created to structure the content and navigation.
  • Finally, we design interfaces for each screen, resulting in a complete, usable prototype.

Your Takeaways

  • Discovery recommendations
  • 3+ user stories
  • An interactive web or mobile prototype
  • Editable UI design assets for use when developing the real user interface
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