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We helped the founders of WeatherBuild leverage weather data and machine learning to launch a mobile-first decision support system for the construction industry.

A screenshot of the WeatherBuild user interface

Working with WeatherBuild

Building an iOS Prototype

WeatherBuild came to Nonfiction with the goal of measuring the value of their ideas through target customer validation. Working closely with their founder and engineers, we applied our prototyping process to the design and built a realistic simulation of the core user stories .



Audience Analysis

We held workshops with the WeatherBuild team to review their existing concepts, features, and content relationships within the application. Through this process, we identified that our specific target customer would benefit from a time-based relationship with the data presented.

We then used our competitive analysis process to identify opportunities for features and functionalities not present in the existing tools. Through user stories based on our target audience, we also identified the critical flows that we needed to evaluate for the app.


UX Definition

Interactive Wireframes

We iterated through clickable Invision wireframes to define the navigation pattern and visual priority of weather events and impact data. Our wireframes followed the user stories and carefully planned the points at which system emails or PDF downloads would trigger the user to leave the app.

By reviewing wireframes on the iPhone from the very start, we were able to quickly assess and update the touch interactions that form the basis of the app's navigation, resulting in a smoother revision process.


Interface Design

iOS UI & Icons

Working closely with the engineering team, we designed a distinct user interface for the iOS app. The interface language included custom weather event icons that further differentiated the platform from competitors in the construction industry.

The resulting Framer.js prototype included multi-directional navigation and animations to create a hyper-realistic test product. Style guidelines and icon assets were packaged and handed off to the iOS developers for later use in the complete build.

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