Recent Work


We helped the Chartboost team launch Roostr, an online marketplace that connects mobile game publishers with influential YouTube content creators.

A screenshot of the Roostr user interface

Working with Roostr

Designing a Social Marketplace

We studied the relationship between Roostr's existing advertisers and content creators and applied our design process to form a new, holistic application experience. The result was an online platform that could solve for the distinct needs of both groups within the marketplace.



User Requirements

We collaborated with the founder and CTO at Roostr to assess analytics and customer feedback, as well as plans for a new technology infrastructure. Together, we defined a vision for the platform that could inform our overall approach.

This was followed by mapping out user stories and specifying the user requirements for each group.


UX Definition


Sketches and wireframes were used to rapidly iterate on the navigation and screen templates for the platform.

Each user group's flow was constructed from a consistent library of UI components shared by both sides. Instructions and recommendations educated users as they progressed through the process.


Interface Design

Custom UI Elements

We took Roostr's newly designed branding and illustrations and defined how to best apply them digitally, creating a bold and identifiable visual aesthetic for the application.

Our resulting style guidelines for the interface, including web typography, buttons, form controls, progress indicators, and custom icons, were based on the requirements of the development team's chosen front-end framework.

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