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We teamed up with computer security company PreVeil to launch end-to-end encrypted communication software for Mac, Windows, and mobile phones.

A screenshot of the PreVeil web and mobile apps

Working with PreVeil

Designing For Security

Our collaboration began when PreVeil shared their vision of shifting the paradigm in the information security industry. Together, we committed to the principle that effective security must be as frictionless as possible. The software we designed enables anyone, from individuals to enterprise companies, to easily encrypt and protect their data with confidence.

Cycle by cycle, our agile design process continues to help PreVeil launch features and improvements that propel them forward in the market.



Shaping Possibility Into Product

We met PreVeil's founders when their product existed only as academic research from experts at MIT. Our discovery process helped PreVeil to visualize the product experience and user interfaces that would meld their advanced technology with their business vision.

Together we conceptualized features that laid the groundwork for for a comprehensive productivity tool including their end-to-end encrypted email, secure filesharing, encryption key management, and enterprise administrative console.


UX Definition

Stories and Wireframes

As the dedicated design team, we work directly with PreVeil's engineers throughout our UX process. We create detailed user stories then visualize the experience through wireframing and storyboarding. By collaborating with development from day one, we've been able to rapidly iterate our shared ideas.


Interface Design

Cross-Platform User Interface

Whether it's Windows or Mac, Android or iOS, PreVeil software offers top-tier usability and polish. We've helped establish PreVeil's brand with a comprehensive library of interface components and graphics that deliver a consistent experience from installation through day-to-day usage.

As PreVeil's product offerings continue to grow, this visual framework will maximize efficiency and inform future design.

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