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Together with Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance, we launched a digital platform that makes selecting and managing your insurance simpler than ever.

A screenshot of the Cinch user interface

Working with Cinch

Designing a Digital Account Manager

We applied our iterative design process to integrate the product marketing, quote process, and account management service into a single, streamlined web app. Our platform establishes a consistent customer experience through neatly architected user stories and unified interface elements. The result? A simpler way to get insurance.



User Requirements

First, we worked closely with the product team at BHSI and their technology partner Mendix to define their unique vision for the Cinch platform.

Through on-site workshops, we gathered the team's existing industry knowledge and technical requirements. Our competitive analysis prioritized a baseline feature set while the creation of personas helped unify the team around end-user goals.


UX Definition


Next, we iterated through low-fi storyboards and wireframes to define the integration of public and customer content under a consistent navigation.

Wireframes were created at multiple breakpoints to review content hierarchy across devices. The overall site architecture and navigation left leeway for future features and content.


Interface Design

Custom UI Elements

We fused the newly designed Cinch branding with the UI elements of the Mendix platform to create consistent visuals throughout the product experience. While working with the Bootstrap-based Mendix UI library, we were able to prioritize critical features that needed to be customized while efficiently relying on base features when possible.

For the final hand-off of responsive designs, we expanded the print brand guidelines into flexible web UI that included a custom icon font as a stand-out branding element.

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