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We collaborated with the engineers behind Blink's HD camera technology to launch an iOS app that enables easy home security through live monitoring and alerts.

A screenshot of the Blink user interface

Working with Blink

Designing a Connected Experience

Our challenge was to create an iOS app that seamlessly incorporated Blink's unique ability to capture visual, auditory, and atmospheric data of the user's home. Through consistent communication with the engineers, we were able to apply a rich understanding of the hardware to our design process. The outcome was an experience that required minimal management while intuitively prioritizing security alerts for the user based on the data captured.



Feature Specifications

We worked directly with Blink's electrical engineers to define prioritized set features for the initial launch of the camera, allowing us to establish a cohesive experience from the very start.

Our user requirements carefully considered the beta user experience as well as post-release possibilities, taking into account unboxing, camera setup, and account creation as well as future capabilities like networked cameras across multiple homes.


UX Definition

Mobile Wireframes

User flows were mapped and sketched as storyboards. We iterated through clickable Invision wireframes to help structure event logs and the camera navigation.

By reviewing our low-fidelity wireframes on an iPhone from the start, we were able to realistically assess the experience while still working rapidly.


Interface Design

Custom Interface Elements

We designed iOS interface elements in close collaboration with iOS development partner Cardonware. Standard layout components formed the basis of the interface while custom icons and video thumbnails created an engaging, branded visual experience.

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